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January 2020

Dear Incarnation Parishioners,

Happy New Year! Hope you had a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year.

You know, we Americans are so lucky, and we take so many things for granted. The vast majority of us sat around a dining table and filled our tummies to the brim on Christmas Day. We opened packages of things we don’t need (and maybe don’t even want). We are so spoiled, while people elsewhere would give anything for a pair of shoes! That’s where stewardship comes into play.

The weekend of February 1 – 2 is Stewardship Weekend. This is our chance to “pay it forward,” as the saying goes. God has entrusted everything we have to our care, and it’s up to us to manage those blessings responsibly by sharing our time, talent, and treasure with others who are not as fortunate. God commands us to give generously and says that whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Incarnation continues to thrive because of all the volunteers who contribute their time and talent to our parish. Many of our parishioners are so helpful that they pitch in when they see something that needs attention, without even being asked. Our ministries are thriving because of the many good people who share their time and faith with our parish family. And your financial contributions are keeping our campus grounds and buildings in good condition, and we are able to donate money to many local charitable organizations.

So, I am asking you to help keep this momentum going! Please take a few minutes to look over the Stewardship Intention Form and the Time & Talent Form.  

When completing the form online, please use your envelope ID number, which can be found on your mailing label.

May God bless you for your goodness and generosity!



Fr. Christian T. Moore, OFM Conv.


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